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How to get the most out of Adobe Marketo Engage | Part 1: quick tricks 

By Imke Melis

How to get the most out of Adobe Marketo Engage | Part 1: quick tricks 

Congrats on taking the leap and using Adobe Marketo Engage as your marketing automation tool. This platform is a powerhouse with countless features, but if you feel like you’re not using it to its full potential, no worries! With a few quick wins, you can make significant progress in adapting this software within your company.  

At BeBold, we’ve got your back. As an Adobe partner, our marketing automation specialists have written a 3-part blog series on Marketo best practices.  

In the first part, we’ll cover some easy-to-implement tips that will help you unlock the full potential of Adobe Marketo Engage as your automation tool. 

Quick tricks that benefit your automation 

Often, companies use Adobe Marketo Engage primarily as an email system. But the tool has so much more to offer. You can turn Adobe Marketo Engage into a real automation engine in a matter of time. The tips & tricks below can give you a helping hand. 

Progressive profiling 

Utilize progressive profiling and global forms to collect new and additional information about your customers or prospects. By doing so, you can enrich the profiles in your database and create more personalized 1-to-1 communication with ease. This is a quick win that can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your marketing automation efforts. 

Specific landingpages within Adobe Marketo Engage 

Planning to launch a marketing campaign soon? Remember to create a landing page in your Adobe Marketo Engage instance. These pages are designed to keep your visitors focused on your campaign goals, such as filling out a form or downloading rich content, without getting distracted by unnecessary navigation. By doing so, you can significantly increase your conversion rate and achieve your desired results. 

Adobe Marketo Engage

Push leads straight into Adobe Marketo Engage 

You can now save time and increase efficiency by pushing leads from your social media ads directly into your Adobe Marketo Engage database. No more manual exporting and importing necessary! And the best part? You can easily integrate these leads into specific nurture programs through engagement programs, allowing you to measure the impact of your campaigns in real-time. By leveraging this advanced tool, you can quickly gain valuable insights into metrics like cost per lead, ultimately boosting productivity and streamlining your processes. High five for more time and less hassle! 

Commit to advanced personalization 

Based on the information you collect about your customers and prospects, Adobe Marketo Engage allows you to go very far in personalizing content. And why wouldn’t you do this if you know that a more personalized experience leads to higher engagement and contributes to a higher conversion rate? 

 A/B testing 

Here are some quick tips to get started. First, use A/B testing to learn more about your target audience and personalize your content. You can also enrich your database with progressive profiling and global forms. And don’t forget to create dedicated landing pages for your campaigns to increase conversion rates.  

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! In our upcoming blogs, we’ll dive deeper into the capabilities of Adobe Marketo Engage, including optimizing the buyer journey, improving management, and reporting insights. Stay tuned for more! 

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