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BeBold x WePlog: Sustainable Missions With Bold Impact

By Louise Verschelden

BeBold x WePlog: Sustainable Missions With Bold Impact

At Marketing Agency BeBold, a green heart beats within us. Our passion for these kinds of projects runs deep, which is why we support a sustainable initiative each year. And the best part? We won’t send an invoice for our services.

“The establishment of our Bold Impact initiative is a reflection of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility,” declares Karen Dieleman, Managing Partner at BeBold. “We want to leverage our marketing expertise to assist companies that may lack the necessary financial resources or knowledge. Each year, we select a project to give a boost by addressing a specific marketing challenge, completely free of charge.”

Louise Verschelden, our Digital Marketeer, adds, “As an agency and team, we have been mindful of sustainable initiatives for some time. We strive to infuse this awareness throughout all our activities. So, don’t expect single-use knick-knacks or plastic gadgets as gifts for our employees and clients, expect something that matches our sustainable instead.”

Alex Callant and Bernard Herbert from WePlog © Geert Vanden Wijngaert


Through a colleague, we connected with Alex Callant and Bernard Herbert from WePlog. WePlog is a platform dedicated to support and promote ‘plogging’ (cleaning up litter while jogging) and ‘plandeling’ (cleaning up litter while walking).

“During a brainstorm, the idea of joining forces to make a difference for this organization was met with enthusiasm. The next step was to sit down with Alex and Bernard to understand their needs—such as raising awareness, attracting more users, and promoting environmental consciousness—and determine how we can contribute to that. Based on our strategic proposal, we devised a plan that we will execute by the end of 2023,” shares Karen. “The hours we invest in this collaboration have been coordinated with WePlog, and will not be invoiced.”

A Win-Win Situation

“We always strive for a win-win situation,” emphasises Louise. “With WePlog, we have not only found a project that we can support with our expertise in strategy, digital marketing, and marketing automation but also an original and environmentally friendly activity that we can incorporate into our team-building events and our annual team weekend. We are committed to actively maintain this engagement with our entire team.”

Karen concludes, “After completing this project, we’ll eagerly look back on our Bold Impact. We look forward to seeing the results of our efforts—both in terms of plogging/plandeling and for WePlog as an organization. The story of BeBold and WePlog is far from over. We will continue working together to make a positive impact and create a better, cleaner world. Stay tuned!”

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