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ChatGPT and Copywriting: Balance Between Originality and Optimization

By Eric Sas

In the evolving landscape of AI marketing, copywriting is at a crossroad with the rise of AI. Last year, ChatGPT entered the grand stage as an ideal digital companion. One copywriter feared for their job and hung up their MacBook, while another saw opportunity after opportunity to produce more and more efficiently. 

That is the duality of AI, a precarious balance between benefits and risks, or is it not? As we traverse the digital paths of trend watchers and search engines, we must be cautious not to stumble over the line between efficiency and the loss of originality. 

The Maze Called SEO 

In the quest for digital visibility, the distinction between optimization and uniformity blurs. The temptation of AI in SEO can lead to a maze where websites get entangled in generic optimized content. If we dive too deep into the algorithmic sea, our content drowns in calculated uniformity, far from the unique tone of voice that every website – including yours – needs. Fortunately, Google is currently not effectively penalizing AI-generated content; however, they insist on the content being of high quality. 

The threat of ChatGPT copywriting overproduction 

While AI has the potential to increase our copywriting productivity, we must beware of the threat of overproduction. Racing towards efficiency in the content calendar puts us at risk of producing content that appears as copies of each other. Each piece becomes a uniform pancake or waffle, lacking the unique aroma that gives your website its distinctive character. 

Challenges and Opportunities 

So, let’s not get entangled in the dangers of uniform content and a potential SEO obsession. By consciously using AI tools as a supplement rather than a replacement, we can maintain balance. 

Creating with AI is like juggling digital opportunities, where originality and optimization go hand in hand with copywriting. Don’t let your website’s unique voice drown in digital noise; give it the space to flourish. 

If you find yourself short on time, let our content marketing team assist you. They always see opportunities to make your content AI and 2024-proof. 

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