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Wisdom in the Wild: How Animal Insights Improve Your Marketing

By Eric Sas

In the ever-changing world of marketing, finding new angles can be like discovering hidden gems. Sometimes the gems are up for grabs in, say, your garden or an old nature documentary. Our Content Strategist and Digital Marketing Team Lead Eric briefly takes you into animal kingdom to discover some wild insights that can give your marketing strategy a unique edge. Join us as we explore the untamed wisdom of animal symbolism, totems, and their relevance to marketing. The additional soothing voice of David Attenborough should be your own guess.  

Elephant-like growth  

In the marketing jungle, growth is paramount. Like elephants, we constantly want to grow our ground to support our family. The elephant is often associated with power, inspiration, strength, longevity, and perseverance. Also, elephants are known to have an excellent memory, as well as the ability to pass on their ancestral wisdom to future generations. 

Majestic and dignified, this animal with incredible physical strength is also a good nurturer and long-term planner. Do you see yourself in this animal? Find out how to nurture and support your brand’s growth in an ever-expanding digital landscape. 

Lion’s Social Roar   

Lions are territorial animals, the kings, and queens of the jungle. They embody strength, majesty, and awe. Maybe your social media presence is not like that, but your ambitions are. We will show you how to conquer new territories in the digital realm and make your brand’s roar heard everywhere.  

Dive into Customer Satisfaction with Dolphins  

Customer satisfaction is vital, just as dolphins’ friendly nature keeps them in good company. Much like these intelligent marine creatures, your business should prioritize friendliness and kindness to open doors to loyal customers. It’s important to implement strategies that prioritize genuine connections, active listening, and going the extra mile to create exceptional client experiences. 

Loyal as a Man’s Best Friend  

Loyalty is a treasure, and dogs are the embodiment of it. Sometimes your spouse or friends will be fed up with you, but never your dog. He is your number-one fan. Just like our furry companions, loyalty can be triggered and automated. But with us humans, this can be done by, for example content marketing. Explore how to implement loyalty triggers that keep your customers coming back for more, just like your dog’s unwavering devotion. 

marketing insight dogs

Ants Know Strategy

Ants are strategic team players. Discover the wisdom of collaboration and well-organized strategies in marketing. Much like ants are loyal to their queen, marketers should remain dedicated to their mission and strategy. By pooling our collective talents and resources, we can achieve more than any one individual could on their own. 

Gecko’s Marketing Automation Magic   

Embrace the efficiency and automation of marketing processes, much like geckos’ ability to stick to surfaces.  

Sometimes all you must do is stick around and wait for the exact moment that a customer expresses when they are ready for the next step. With marketing automation tools, you can streamline your processes and be there at precisely the right time, just like a gecko on a wall. 

Owl-like Wisdom in Training

Wise as owls, we delve into the importance of training and staying informed about the latest marketing trends. Do not get too familiar with what you already. Revisit old knowledge, get updates a reaffirm yourself…also with some young professionals

Chameleon’s Adaptability   

Be as adaptable as chameleons when it comes to responding to changing marketing landscapes. Only adaptive entrepreneurs and companies will service in highly competitive markets. Learn with our courses how to be a master in adapting to different personas, customers, and branches to be the go-to person in every knowledge or financial transaction. 

The animal kingdom offers a wealth of inspiration for your marketing strategy. Each creature has unique qualities that can inform your approach. So, whether you’re aiming for growth, customer satisfaction, loyalty, or adaptability, there’s an animal insight waiting to be discovered. Ready to dive deeper into these wild marketing insights? Click the link below to contact us for more marketing insights and unlock more personal secrets for your marketing success.

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