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Insights of a Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation specialist

By Margot Meert

Insights of a Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation specialist 

Margot, you know, the bookworm, sporty spice and sustainable fashion lover in the BeBold-team? She’s our enthusiastic digital marketing and marketing automation specialist. But what does that mean and what do her days look like? We asked her!  

The woman behind the name, who is Margot Meert?  

What are three words that describe you?  

What does your day as a digital marketing and marketing automation specialist usually look like?  

First things first, coffee! After that Lungo coffee has given me an energy shot, I am ready to roll and start by checking my schedule and emails. The first to-do of the day is to list my tasks in a structured way, so I don’t lose track of important must-dos and deadlines. Plus, there is nothing better than feeling productive by being able to tick off your tasks.

Besides those two morning rituals, each day looks different. My tasks range from social media marketing and online advertising to setting up nurture flows in ActiveCampaign, to analyzing campaign results in Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. No day is the same which makes it so challenging!    

After a challenging day at work, you can usually find me at the gym for a full-body burn class. Afterward, I cook something delicious – pasta is my all-time favorite – or I go out for a drink with friends or family. A sunset on the quays in Antwerp with a delicious ice cream? I never say no to that!

What does your job involve?  

As you already read, my tasks are very diverse. During the first weeks, the focus was mainly on digital marketing, later more on marketing automation, and now I am putting them both into practice.     

I got the chance to discover all aspects of digital marketing. After some interesting training sessions about SEO, SEA and social media advertising, I started working for clients and the BeBold-channels. From keyword research and forecasting, to setting up advertisements in Google Ads, and analyzing BeBold’s lead generation campaign, to content creation including blogs, user cases and social media posts.     

In addition, I also guided BeBold through the transition from Google Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.      

Later, I was introduced to several marketing automation tools. I also got the chance to follow training sessions and demos. I learned to set up flows and create campaigns and landing pages, all with the right tracking and tags. After my first marketing automation project for BeBold’s marketing, I also got to work for customers. I built several nurturing flows, lead scoring models and campaigns in Active Campaign.     

My first introduction to marketing automation was an instant success!

Why did you choose to work at BeBold? 

I got a job offer here after my internship. I chose an internship at BeBold for several reasons. First of all, I was looking for an internship within a marketing agency because I am convinced you can learn a lot there. You work for several customers, so the tasks are very diverse. Besides that, I discovered during my studies that I am interested in strategic marketing and marketing automation. So I started looking for a company that is also convinced of the power of inbound marketing and marketing automation. That’s how I ended up at BeBold! 


Which part of your job gives you the most energy?  

This may sound cliche, but that is the BeBold-team. The passion for their job and the enthusiasm to pass it on is contagious. The team always goes the extra mile for their customers because of their teamwork and determination to be successful. Besides hard work, there is always room for a laugh, which made me feel right at home in this enthusiastic group.

What is the most important thing you learned during your job so far?  

Teamwork makes the dream work! The close-knit team of BeBold proves this time and time again. By calling on everyone’s expertise and combining forces, BeBold goes the extra mile for the challenges of their clients. That is something that has inspired me and that I will certainly take into account in my future career.

What is the definition of digital marketing/marketing automation to you?  

Inbound marketing is the key to your digital success! The time of push marketing is definitely over. By addressing your target group with the right message at the right time via the right channel, you convince them of your vision in the right way. That is the power of a good marketing campaign.   

What does the future of digital marketing and marketing automation look like?  

Data, data and more data, we can’t ignore it anymore. Although big data can sometimes seem scary, it also brings many opportunities. Thanks to data, companies can specifically target their audience based on interests, locations, age, education… and make sure their messages reach the right person at the right time. This way, we can personalize the customer experience even more and make it unique. Pretty great, right?

What are companies that are not yet engaged in digital marketing or marketing automation missing out on? 

A lot! If you don’t use digital marketing for your business, you may miss out on a huge potential target group. In today’s society, your target group spends more and more time online. Besides online visibility, it is also the ideal way to build customer loyalty and gain trust by sharing expertise and generating leads. Digital marketing and marketing automation are the perfect cocktail to write your digital success story.  

What is your goal for the future?  

As a marketer, you need to be a jack-of-all-trades to offer your clients a total package. I also want to specialize in a subject in the future to continue to grow as an expert! But for now, I’m enjoying my time as a digital marketing and marketing automation specialist at BeBold.

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