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The Future of AI Marketing: Trends and Predictions

By Wouter Gerrits

Today, we are diving into the world of AI with one of our very own, Wouter, our Technical Marketing Automation Specialist. In this blog post, he unravels the latest trends shaping the digital landscape and gives you a sneak peek into the AI marketing features on the horizon. 

What AI marketing advancements do you believe will shape the industry soon? 

Some key developments are the integration of AI into content creation, and the use of advanced data analytics for better consumer insights. Voice and chat assistants powered by AI, alongside the birth of bespoke GPT models, are big eyecatchers. It is safe to say to keep an eye out for these trends as they are steering us towards a future of automated, efficient, and downright effective marketing practices. 

How does AI enhance targeted ad efficiency and content creation, especially in visuals like photos and videos for marketing?  

In the grand symphony of marketing, AI is stealing the spotlight, orchestrating significant advances in targeted ads and content creation. Imagine this: AI delving into the depths of consumer behavior to craft personalized ads that grab attention and drive-up engagement and conversions. The result? Marketers fine-tuning strategies to maximize every budget. But that is just the beginning. 

Okay, and what kind of AI marketing tools do you think will accelerate this process? 

AI is redefining the visual experience. Trailblazing tools like DALL-E 3, MidJourney, and are at the forefront, generating high-quality graphics. AI can analyze your corporate identity and then create new images in the same style, all from a simple description.  

But it’s important to note that each tool shines in its unique way. For instance, MidJourney captures people at their best, while crafts epic gaming illustrations. Knowing precisely what you seek in images is crucial. For these pictures, we asked the tools for a Neon-lit cinematic background. 

AI marketing

Can you give us an example of how AI campaigns could look like in the near future? 

Examples of photo's that AI marketing tools can generate.

In these photos, we asked DALL E-3,, and Midjourney to create photos of diverse people who are wearing future clothes. Notice how different tools excel in different areas when compared to the photos above? For video production, tools like Runway and their upcoming “Motion Brush” tech, transform static AI-generated photos into dynamic, moving masterpieces. It is a game-changer, opening a world of possibilities for crafting stunning, personalized marketing videos. 

So, AI marketing can make campaigns more and more personalized? 

Yes, in addition, AI-powered tools like HubSpot’s Campaign Assistant make creating and managing marketing campaigns a breeze. They streamline the process, allowing marketers to seize opportunities with personalized content. Embracing these tools not only strengthens brand identity but also drives better customer engagement. 

What are the advantages for businesses using customized GPT technology like Chat GPT?

The rise of customized GPT models, like personalized iterations of ChatGPT, marks a significant turning point for enterprises. This tech lets companies shape AI to their needs, whether as a writing guide, marketing partner, or specialized support. What is truly groundbreaking is that this customization does not demand a coding wizard; even non-tech-savvy professionals, like our fellow marketers, can delve into these innovative AI tools. 

These customized GPT models can significantly enhance a company’s online presence. By using AI customized to their identity and audience, companies can engage customers on a personal level. This boosts service quality, streamlines marketing, and ensures quick, accurate responses to customer needs. 

This changes a lot on how we look at data warehousing, right? 

Beyond the surface, these personalized models become data powerhouses, aiding companies in collecting and analyzing vast data sets — a cornerstone for informed decision-making. With AI fine-tuned to their specific industry and customer data, companies gain insights into customer preferences, letting companies tailor offerings for maximum impact. 

Briefly, the ability to craft personalized GPT models is not just a tech feat; it is a chance for companies to redefine their marketing playbook, elevate efficiency, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

What advice can you give companies looking to enhance their AI marketing strategies and tooling to stay ahead in this fast-changing field? 

If you plan to implement or improve your AI marketing strategies, start by setting up a solid data infrastructure. It is crucial to start with reliable data. Make sure your data is clean, accessible, and well-organized. 

Next come the tools. There is a wide range of AI tools available, but it is essential to choose the right one to suit your specific goals. Whether it is advanced analytics platforms or AI tools for content creation, it is important that they integrate seamlessly with your current systems.  

Do you think tools and strategies alone can help you with enough progress to take serious steps in AI marketing? 

No, the key point is experimentation. The world of AI and marketing is changing rapidly. So be ready to try new things, learn quickly and adapt. Test innovative ideas, see what works and adjust your strategy accordingly. It is a continuous process of learning and adapting. Just like my colleague Arno explained in this blog.   

Remember, it is not just about technology but how you apply it. Be transparent about how you use AI, especially when it comes to customer data.  

Finally, stay on top of the latest trends. What is current today may be obsolete tomorrow. Keep learning, experimenting, and challenging yourself. This will keep you at the forefront of the rapidly changing world of AI marketing. 

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