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Jim Carrey's father and not enough flags   We spoke with our strategy lead Arno and discovered that organizations have more marketing challenges in common than they realize and it's their own fault. Do tell! Articles|7 min Attribution: Why You Should Choose Multi-Touch Attribution For Your Business  Setting up campaigns is one job, but understanding which marketing investments are generating leads and sales is something else. “To measure is to know” is what it often rings true at Be Bold. But how do you measure and compare the right data? That starts with choosing the right attribution model.   Articles|5 min The secret behind a successful lead nurturing campaign BeBold operates her marketing strategy according to the inbound marketing model. Not sure what inbound marketing is about? Check out our intro to inbound marketing. The blog you are reading now picks up where we left off with the first step in inbound marketing: lead generation. Articles|6 min
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