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The digital marketing enigma, or how BeBold solved the Case of the Conversion Killers

By Eric Sas

Everyone likes a good crime story. Right?  

Mind you, except for giving you criminally good strategic advice, we don’t have a lot of dark stories to tell, but hang in there for a minute. 

Do you like these investigation shows where detectives or experts can’t sleep because they had this one case? This cold case, this unsolvable case lingering in their heads? 

Well, as BeBold, why are born problem solvers, but when the night falls, we turn into deep thinkers and persistent detectives. To give you a taste, we present you our first Bold Cold Case: 

BeBold Digital Marketing Agency

Introduction: Setting the scene 

In a bustling metropolis far, far away, where businesses – like yours – thrive but also face unseen challenges. You feel like you are the only one who faces these challenges of finding the right personnel and creating online engagement and website conversions. Well, you’re not? That’s why clients come to us.   

The case 

One of our high-profile clients, who likes to stay anonymous, faced a digital dilemma. It affected their online presence and market influence. With some dramatic feel, you would say they found themselves trapped in mysteries they could not unravel themselves. 

This is where BeBold, the ‘Digital FBI,’ steps in. An agency not of agents, but of strategists, marketers, and technologists – a team of digital detectives ready to dissect, analyze, and solve all digital dilemmas. 

Not just problem solvers 

BeBold stands apart in the digital landscape, not just as problem solvers but as visionaries who see through the chaos. Our mission is not just to solve the case at hand but to transform the very fabric of our client’s digital existence. Each case is a journey through the labyrinth of digital marketing, strategy, and technology. Its success is not just luck, but a result of good planning, innovative thinking, and smooth execution. 

Dark digital alleyways 

As we go on these journeys, we find ourselves in some digital outskirts. Looking for clues because customer engagement is declining. And why is aligning marketing strategies with market dynamics so challenging?  

We tackle these questions of building effective online presences, failing sales funnels, and creatively solving some content crises along the way. Our toolkit is not just our expertise in digital strategy, marketing technology, and creative content. It is fueled by our commitment to push boundaries and solve some darn cases. 

From trial to triumph 

In this narrative, we unfold the stories of our conquests, not through the lens of our clients, but through the eyes of our services. Each act represents a different challenge, a different service, and a different victory. Join us on this journey of digital mastery, where BeBold, your ‘Digital FBI-detectives,’ turns trials into triumphs. 

The Investigation starts with gathering clues 

At BeBold, every case starts with an in-depth client intake. Here, in our greenroom, surrounded by a sea of sticky notes and data charts, we create our investigation board. This will transform into a dynamic analytics dashboard along the way. 

Digital marketing

Our first breakthrough is identifying a pattern of declining engagement, uncovered by our digital marketers. Simultaneously, the strategist pinpoints a gap in the market strategy. Using a sophisticated SEO-tool, we compare the client’s keywords with that of their competitors, revealing critical gaps in rankings and ad spend. 

Proposing a bolder approach, the strategist suggests focusing on a niche market around Antwerp and Brussels. This could lead to more targeted ad spending on Google or social media, driving the right traffic for awareness and conversion. Yet, these insights are still hunches that need validation in the online marketplace. 

The forensic analysis – A deep dive into the digital underworld 

Validation asks for a deeper, almost forensic analysis of the client’s digital domain. With access to various social media channels and web analytics, they uncover something that looks like ‘a digital crime scene’. Beautiful content lies abandoned, unread and untouched for months, and old forms riddled with outdated code are just lying around. 

They discovered underutilized potential in customer relationship management systems, and email campaigns that failed to engage. This could be because of old code and landing pages or simply the never-updated device of their customers. We’ve already seen that some quick fixes can triple the results in opens, clicks, and CTRs. 

Fragments of old strategies 

This forensic journey isn’t just about identifying problems. It’s about piecing together the fragments of digital strategies that once held promise. Our expert crafts a plan to revitalize these tools, infusing them with BeBold’s innovative strategies. The focus shifts from diagnosing the issues to revitalizing the client’s digital content ecosystem. 

The Stakeout – challenge perceptions and biases 

We want to be known for our eagerness to solve digital issues. To prove this, we decided to partner up with an external bureau for what will turn out to be a pivotal marketing analysis. This sidestep proved to be crucial – it’s about challenging perceptions and confirming or rejecting biases. 

The Analysis: no more confirmation biases 

The team delves into an analysis, probing the market perception. This isn’t just about numbers and data; it’s about understanding the markets’ heartbeat. How do clients and prospects perceive the brand? Do they resonate with the clients’ values and beliefs?  

This analysis is like a test, where biases are confirmed or debunked, and the real truths about brand perception emerge. It’s a strict process, questioning the ‘why’s’ and scrutinizing the ‘how’s,’ ensuring no stone is left unturned. 

Digital marketing stake out

Challenging ‘the why’ 

As the analysis unfolds, the team challenges every assumption. Why do customers engage the way they do? What are the underlying purposes driving their interactions? It’s no longer a simple stakeout; it’s a deep dive into the psyche of the market, seeking alignment with the clients’ core values and beliefs that resonate with their audience.  

What we find out – and report to the client – is that a traffic campaign often supports the confirmation bias. Sometimes, the non-clickers in your campaigns give you way more information about your proposition than the flood of potential that you have.  

Remind you of the ‘Survivorship Bias’, anyone?  

The Plot Thickens – Embracing new trends 

Dark times call for dark mode(s) 

In a dramatic turn, the team uncovers key trends that reshape their strategy.  
One revelation is the necessity of adapting emails to dark mode, a seemingly small tweak that significantly boosts open and conversion rates.  

Google Analytics 

Then comes the reality check about Google Analytics 4 (GA4). With Google discontinuing support for Universal Analytics, every client needs guidance navigating the complexities of GA4. This is not just a technical shift; it’s a strategic one into a new way of reporting a guiding the customer with the right KPIs.  

Social media 

Finally, the team confronts the myths of instant success on social media. Not every platform is a golden ticket. TikTok and LinkedIn, while powerful, aren’t suitable for every budget or audience. This revelation is crucial – every client has a unique voice that echoes differently in social surroundings. Although people will tell you that TikTok sounds like the winning lottery ticket: we will not just be following trends blindly. 

Connecting the Dots 

Now’s the time to see how the team’s diverse skills (strategy, SEO, SEA, marketing automation, content strategy and creation and consultancy, etc.) come together to form a comprehensive strategy. 

Creating a blueprint for success 

After connecting the dots, the BeBold team return to their ‘investigation room,’ the place where strategies are forged, and digital destinies are reshaped. Here, a master plan is crafted, a multifaceted blueprint designed to vanquish the conversion killers that bother the client’s digital presence. 

The Strategy Session 

The air crackles with intensity as the team draws from their diverse arsenal of services, each contributing a crucial piece to the puzzle. Inspired by earlier copycat conversion killer cases, the plan is now meticulously tailored to fit the unique needs of the client.  

It’s a plan that doesn’t just address the symptoms. This plan eradicates the root cause of the digital issues. 

Implementation – A symphony of digital excellence 

The team springs into action, a montage of strategic expertise and tactical precision. The website undergoes a dramatic transformation, going from a stagnant digital entity into a vibrant, conversion-driving powerhouse. 

The team presents their findings, revealing the underlying issues with a theatrical flourish. This could be an awakening, where the client sees the potential of what their digital presence of their website and social accounts could be. 

Eliminating the negative 

Like skilled detectives, the team excises the bad campaigns and technical inefficiencies that have been hindering the website’s performance. No more meaningless KPIs – only metrics that drive real value. 

The Winning Combo 

The culmination of this act is not just in the triumph over the current challenges but in laying the foundation for sustained success. The combination of strategic sessions, technical and social audits, content strategy rollouts, and ongoing support is the elixir for digital success. This approach ensures that the client is not just an innocent bystander but an active role player in their own digital transformation.  

Resolution and Revelation: The Turnaround 

As with almost every film noir, this story culminates in an impressive turnaround, illustrated through increased engagement, enhanced market positioning, and heightened customer satisfaction. The team reflects on their journey with each client.  


We would like to say we are a consortium of digital heroes. Testimonials from esteemed clients like Eneco, FirstWave, Appmiral, Mazda Motors Europe, EasyPost, and Christelijke Mutualiteit reinforce that narrative, echoing the impact of our expertise:  

“BeBold stood out due to their experience, dynamic hands-on attitude, and solution-oriented thinking. Within a short time, we really achieved a lot, working together as a team towards a common goal. -Veroniek (Mazda Motor Europe) 

“Our social media presence is flourishing thanks to BeBold’s efforts. They provide content that aligns seamlessly with our brand as if they are an integral part of the EasyPost team.” – Francis (EasyPost) 

“BeBold understands our company personality and flawlessly translates it into an online look & feel that perfectly represents our style in terms of Employer Branding & online presence.” – Waldo (FirstWave) 

These endorsements paint a picture of an agency that doesn’t just navigate the digital landscape. We redefine it on step at the time with our great clients. 

Epilogue: And you…do you have a bold case we can solve? 

As this story concludes, we have an invitation to you: do you want to engage with us for your digital marketing needs and grow bolder yourself? 

This call to action isn’t just an offer of service, but an opportunity to join a transformative journey, partnering with a team deeply committed to delivering results that go beyond expectations. 

Change your digital marketing narrative. 

For those ready to redefine their digital narrative, BeBold offers a suite of services, including strategic guidance, marketing communication, marketing technology, consultancy, and training & support. This story, articulated through the lens of a crime narrative, not only underscores BeBold’s wide array of services but also spotlights its unique, client-centric approach to digital marketing. 

As we close this whitepaper, BeBold stands out as more than a digital marketing agency; it’s a partner in your journey towards digital excellence. We hope to be your beacon guiding you through the complexities of the digital world with a bold, innovative, and effective approach. 

Discover more about BeBold and its services.

Think bold, grow bolder! 

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