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Marketing Automation as catalyst for your organization

By Imke Melis

Marketing Automation as catalyst for your organization 

Setting goals is just the beginning. To drive real change and achieve digital transformation, efficient resource utilization is key. With technology constantly evolving, there are numerous opportunities to take your organization to the next level.  

One powerful tool in this journey is Marketing Automation. It revolutionizes your marketing department and fosters synergy among IT, Sales, Business Development, and the Service Center. BeBold empowers you to harness the potential of this tool, unlocking new levels of efficiency and collaboration across your organization.  

Let’s embark on the path to digital transformation together. 

Advantages Marketing Automation 

A question you could ask yourself: what can Marketing Automation mean for my organization and how do I get my investment out of it? 

We believe in looking at things from different perspectives. It goes beyond automating marketing processes; it offers immense benefits for your organization when implemented effectively.  

Here are the top 5 advantages: 

The benefits have a two-fold impact. Firstly, they positively affect your employees and enhance communication with customers. Secondly, the long-term effects are truly significant. With proper guidance, you can take concrete actions and develop specific paths that align with your marketing strategy. The success of Marketing Automation systems relies on a clear vision that you envision. 

Synergy within the organization through Marketing Automation 

Creating a powerful Marketing Automation machine requires strong synergy between the marketing department and other company departments. Aligning Marketing and Sales can be challenging, with differing goals and ambiguous attribution. It’s crucial to speak the same language across departments to ensure the success. 

Don’t only look at open rates and click-through rates. Focus on ROI, attribution, and conversion rates to determine campaign value.  

Moreover, a seamless synergy within the marketing department, connecting the company’s website, Marketing Automation, and digital marketing, is essential. When driven by a unified strategy, Marketing Automation thrives. 

Process optimization via Marketing Automation 

Implementing this tool leads to process optimization and reevaluation of lead qualification processes and data flows. The entire data model is reviewed, unlocking new opportunities. From the very beginning, you can shape your organizational identity and implement it in your communication, preference center, and underlying processes. This empowers you to better serve customers and efficiently convey your story to potential customers.  

Marketing Automation becomes a pivotal element in your operational functioning, encompassing communication, data management, and serving as a strategic anchor for prospecting, retention, and loyalty. 

Marketing Automation techniques 

At BeBold, we believe in the power of Marketing Automation to uncover valuable insights. Lead scoring, progressive profiling, and customer personas may sound fancy, but they provide marketers with deeper understanding of their customers and guide content offerings. Our goal is to enrich data and nurture profiles, sparking enough interest for customers to request trials or demos. By placing the customer journey at the core, we transform organizations into data-driven powerhouses where the customer takes centre stage. 

Why is marketing Automation a catalyst 

It’s not a substitute for your company’s vision, but rather an extension of a more advanced and automated approach to (digital) marketing and communication. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Marketing Automation opens doors to new possibilities.  

When implemented properly, it brings about transformative changes within your organization, supported by transparent internal communication and diligent follow-up. In both the short and long term, the impact of using such systems is significant and can drive substantial growth for your business. 

Are you interested in the use of Marketing Automation within your organization? Or have you already made a platform choice and are you looking for a partner who can guide you further? Be sure to let us know, we would love to talk and help you out! 

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