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EasyPost is the partner for processing and sending all business mail, business communications, and document flows. Physically and digitally, depending on the needs of your recipients. Their goal is for companies to save time and money thanks to “the easy way”.

Because of their years of experience and state-of-the-art machinery, they are experts in optimizing outgoing mail. More than 95% of their customers confirm that EasyPost makes their daily way of working simpler, more efficient, and cheaper.

Successful digital marketing for EasyPost 

Taking EasyPost’s online presence to the next level 

Since 2022, EasyPost and BeBold joined forces to tackle a series of online challenges head-on. We focus on staying top of mind with EasyPost’s customers and prospects, by building a strong presence on social media with a consistent graphic and textual identity. 

Additionally, we aim to attract new employees by consistently spreading the values and culture of EasyPost. Together, we are taking EasyPost’s online presence and brand awareness to the next level. 

The results

→ A stable presence on social media in Belgium (3 posts per week) and France (1 to 2 posts per week), highlighting the focus points of EasyPost’s overall marketing plan.

→ A uniform and consistent graphic & textual identity across all channels.

→ A constant growth of the social media follower base and engagement.

→ Two social advertising campaigns spreading EasyPost’s employer branding message and attracting potential job candidates.

The approach

To kick-start the collaboration BeBold conducted a social media audit. This audit showed EasyPost’s current social media presence and revealed, based on data, interesting optimizations to implement.

Relying on this audit, BeBold started the organic social media marketing for EasyPost. The focus was initially on the Belgian market. How do we proceed? During a monthly editorial meeting, we determine the social media topics for the following month. The focus topics of EasyPost’s overarching marketing plan are emphasized here. Resulting in 3 posts a week on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. To maintain a consistent brand image, we utilize branded templates and photos across all social media channels.

After EasyPost joined forces with Pretri, a player on the French postal market, our digital marketing efforts were expanded to France. The goal: augmenting EasyPost’s presence in the competitive French business mail market.

Additionally, to the social media organic marketing, BeBold created 2 social advertising campaigns spreading EasyPost’s employer branding message and attracting potential job candidates. As your employees are your most important ambassadors, pictures and quotes of their employees manifesting the values and culture of EasyPost, were the center of the campaigns.

By performing regular data-driven analysis, BeBold can optimize future actions and campaigns and continuously improve performance.

Through our strategic approach and innovative ideas, BeBold executes a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that aligns perfectly with EasyPost’s objectives. By establishing a consistent brand identity, leveraging organic and paid social media campaigns, and spreading their employer branding message, EasyPost achieves greater visibility, engagement, and success in the competitive landscape.

Next Steps

  1. Using market research ads, we will gauge interest in a 14-day trial of the EasyPost Connect SaaS platform.
  2. The development of a comprehensive dashboard with data from EasyPost’s online channels will enable more efficient data management. As a result, better decisions can be made.