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Wisdom in the Wild: How Animal Insights Improve Your Marketing  In the ever-changing world of marketing, finding new angles can be like discovering hidden gems. Sometimes the gems are up for grabs in, say, your garden or an old nature documentary. Our Content Strategist and Digital Marketing Team Lead Eric briefly takes you into animal kingdom to discover some wild insights that can give your marketing strategy a unique edge. Articles|4 min Active Campaign Release updates   Since Active Campaign has released some very interesting features & improvements in the last 6 months, we thought it was about time to give you some insights on the biggest releases. We carefully reviewed all of them to analyze the impact on our customers and readers. In this post, we have listed the most important features for Active Campaign administrators and users. Articles|7 min CDP vs. CRM vs. Marketing Automation As a marketer leveraging the right marketing technology tools will allow you to stay competitive and engage with customers effectively. Three tools that are gaining significant traction in the marketing world are Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and Marketing Automation software. Articles|8 min How CRM and marketing automation can work together to boost your marketing  The combination of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing automation tools offers companies powerful opportunities to improve both their customer relationships and marketing activities. Articles|3 min Insights of a Technical Marketing Automation Intern  Jens, you know, the IT expert, Formula 1 fan with a passion for swimming and a great sense of humor in the BeBold team? He is our enthusiastic Technical Marketing Automation Intern. But what does such an internship look like? We asked him! The man behind the name, who is Jens Baeten? What are three words which describe you? Articles|3 min Marketing Automation as catalyst for your organization  Setting goals is just the beginning. To drive real change and achieve digital transformation, efficient resource utilization is key. With technology constantly evolving, there are numerous opportunities to take your organization to the next level. Articles|5 min Appmiral Appmiral is 100% focused on helping event organizers and festival promoters become more successful by enhancing the visitor experience and increasing fan engagement. Additionally, Appmiral supports them in their digital transformation efforts. Through the creation of their festival app, event app, or brand app, events can boost fan engagement and generate revenue throughout the year. Cases|8 min Eneco Eneco is an energy supplier based in Mechelen with 250 employees. Eneco’s core business is generating and supplying sustainable energy in Belgium and The Netherlands, with as main source windmills and solar panels. They are leading the way with the goal of being climate neutral as early as 2035. Cases|5 min Vrije Universiteit Brussel Vrije Universiteit Brussel, also known as VUB, is a leading player in Belgian Higher Education and is making its mark in Brussels, Belgium and across the world. This dynamic university is driven by its commitment to deliver high-quality education and conduct wide-ranging research. Welcoming approximately 20,000 students, and collaborating with its affiliated university hospital, VUB fosters a diverse and collaborative community that thrives on knowledge, innovation, and societal impact. Cases|5 min
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