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Behind the scenes: The role of our Marketing Automation Specialist

By Vone Cloots

With 2024 just beginning, we are at the beginning of a new chapter in the evolution of marketing automation. Join Vone, a passionate Marketing Automation Specialist at BeBold, for a jump into this new phase. Discover how this year promises to push the boundaries, unlock new possibilities and pave the way for groundbreaking innovations within this exciting field. 

First things first, can you introduce yourself? 

I’m Vone, 31 years old, and the technical marketing automation specialist and lead at BeBold. My journey began as an IT specialist, but thanks to BeBold, I have developed a passion for marketing automation. Besides my work, I am a true sports enthusiast and health fanatic. I have been playing soccer since I was six years old. I also teach as a personal trainer. These activities help me stay mentally strong and be creative in my work. 

Okay, but what exactly do you do as a marketing automation specialist? 

I’m going to try to explain it simply. I work on automating the marketing processes of business, making it easier to detect, nurture, and convert leads. I work on implementing and maintaining marketing automation tools for several companies. I also give training and workshops to help our clients become familiar with these tools, always with an agnostic approach. 

My focus is on creating customized journeys for each lead or customer, from start to finish, to create trust and a strong relationship. My role is mostly technical; for example, I extract and translate data into understandable files such as .csv and Excel. I also gather data from various systems and display it in tools such as Looker Studio or other dashboard tools. Furthermore, I automate the clean-up of different systems and notify the right stakeholders via email.  

I also think about new ideas and strategies to launch creative and engaging marketing campaigns. These campaigns, in turn, lead to new leads and customers. I also get to build the landing pages and cool emails for these using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which adds a lot of variation to my work.   

Hopefully, this was clear. 😅 

Tell us, what’s your take on marketing automation? 

To me, marketing automation is the powerhouse behind lead generation and successful conversions. But let’s not underestimate its complexity. It’s all about crafting tailored experiences, right from the initial contact till the end of a customer’s journey. And guess what? We’re delivering this to numerous prospects and customers simultaneously. 

Smart moves in this arena not only save time and resources but also give our team a mental boost. No more repetitive tasks—quite the relief, isn’t it? 😄 The freed-up time, energy, and resources are then redirected towards enhancing quality, unleashing creativity, and fine-tuning the customer journey through robust reporting. 

Are there tools or apps that help streamline your daily routine? 

You bet. As a marketing automation specialist, I’ve got my personal arsenal. Some of my favorites are “timeanddate” for date calculations, Tableconvert for data manipulation and specific tools like Mail-tester. And when it comes to crafting compelling content without always relying on our BeBold copywriters, I turn to Quillbot. Long live AI!  

Recently, I also discovered for help with Excel formulas and Mixkit for free assets for video projects. These tools have had a huge impact on the efficiency of my work. 

Marketing automation is especially useful in the customer journey, but when do these tools shine the brightest in your opinion? 

Honestly, these tools are lifesavers. From the minute a customer shows interest, our mission kicks in: we tailor-make an experience just for them. This does not always mean direct communication; it is about presenting the right content at the right moment on the right platforms. This significantly impacts the conversion rate.  

How is your opinion on lead nurturing? 

Cold marketing isn’t my forte, yet I acknowledge its necessity. I lean toward leveraging the data from prospects/customers to enhance their journey. If someone is ready to make a purchase, awesome! But if not, no biggie. Reasons may vary from trust issues to pricing or even short attention spans. That’s where our marketing automation specialist superpowers come in. We nurture those prospects, paving the way for eventual conversions. Dive into my blog, ‘The Secret Behind a Successful Lead Nurturing Campaign’ for the insider scoop on this magic. 

Do you have a project that makes you beam with pride? 

I’ve got a handful of projects that really stand out—like the DMRE gig and the deposit increase project for Eneco, you can read how we’ve done that in this client case. But I’m also immensely proud of orchestrating marketing automation across 20+ countries for Mazda and crafting a slick communication system for Johnson and Johnson SMPC. 

How do you think that your approach stands out in this work field? 

I think the fact that I merge my technical skills with marketing automation to launch strong marketing campaigns. I am all about logic and problem-solving. You know, usually, you have got marketers on one side or the other—functional or technical. But I thrive in both worlds. Oh, and I’m an early bird—I dive into work early, leaving plenty of time to go to the gym to work out or teach a class after work. Having a good work-life balance keeps me sharp and on my creative A-game. 

Switching gears, do you prefer a chill vacation or an adventurous one? 

With my active streak, I’m always up for exploration. I don’t only look for beautiful places, but also for the best gyms or beautiful running routes. Mixing country exploration with my workout routine? Now, that’s my idea of the perfect combo! 

Our marketing automation specialist Vone enjoying his vacation.

Which professional milestones are on your radar? 

I’ve got big plans on my horizon. One major goal? Nailing down another large-scale marketing automation implementation. I’m also set on expanding my knowledge across diverse marketing automation tools, mastering a robust CDP (Customer Data Platform), and sharpen my functional, technical, and soft skills for a better, more effective approach. 

And looking ahead, how do you envision the evolution of marketing automation? 

AI, AI, and more AI! I’m eagerly anticipating the fusion of AI with marketing. Recently, at a conference, I witnessed the initial glimpses of Adobe Sensei. The capabilities of this tool blew my mind, and the thought of it improving even further is simply astounding. It’s a fitting example of the vast potential that AI offers in our industry. 

Predictive AI is set to unveil even more precise insights into lead behavior. We’ll soon be able to predict when leads will convert or when they’re on the brink of leaving the funnel. Plus, we’ll be able to anticipate their content preferences before they even know it themselves! How cool is that? 

Are we going to notice these effects in our cell phones?

As a marketing automation specialist, another monumental shift I foresee is the transition to a mobile-first approach. The future of marketing unquestionably lies in optimizing strategies, channels, and content for mobile users. Their experience with content is different on mobile devices than on a laptop, so tailoring the style and messaging type for this audience is becoming an absolute necessity. 

Naturally, AI’s impact will span across various realms, including the rapid growth of chatbots and the continual progression of AI and machine learning. This ongoing advancement will persistently refine and elevate the landscape of marketing automation. Brace yourselves for thrilling developments ahead!  

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