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Christelijke Mutualiteit

With over 4 million members and a nationwide presence, Christelijke Mutualiteit (CM) is the leading health insurance fund in Belgium. CM insurance is committed to ensuring comprehensive and inclusive healthcare and offers a wide range of services and benefits that cater to the needs of their members. But CM goes beyond mere medical intervention; they aim to empower their members to lead healthier lives by providing proactive advice on nutrition, exercise, mental well-being, and much more.

Successful marketing automation for Christelijke Mutualiteit

Remarketing in the nurture flow with marketing automation

Since 2018, CM (Christelijke Mutualiteit) has chosen BeBold as its marketing partner. Together, we have strengthened their marketing efforts and revamped email communication.

In addition to the standard membership, CM offers supplementary insurance options that protect individuals against unexpected medical expenses (both in and out of the hospital). With the user-friendly tool, users can effortlessly calculate their premium based on their chosen insurance and family composition. At the end of the simulation, users can convert by submitting their proposal.

Not all visitors go through the entire sales funnel and some drop off. With the nurture flow we set up in their marketing automation platform, CM is able to re-engage these hot leads, ensuring no opportunity is lost.

The results

→ Within 6 months, approximately 1,500 emails were sent to form abandoners: we were able to convince 5% of them to purchase insurance thanks to our nurture flow.

→ The unique open rate of the emails ranged between 70% and 80%, considering that the benchmark in the industry is only 13.55%.

→ The unique click-through rate ranged between 21% and 25%, considering that the benchmark in the industry is at 1.63%

The approach

Our team of marketing experts partnered with CM to enhance the conversion rate of their insurance sales funnel by:

→ Setting up a nurture flow to convert hot leads

→ Expanding the data model to improve customer relevance

→ Providing necessary training and technical support

→ Optimizing the user experience of their marketing automation

Brand & Marketing Strategy

During an interactive workshop, BeBold fully immersed itself in the DNA and brand of CM. We analyzed the target audience, deciphered their true desires in a brand, and simultaneously unraveled the trends and dynamics of the insurance industry. Armed with this valuable knowledge, we mapped out the entire customer journey and identified key churn points where we could develop the necessary nurture flows to enhance conversion power.


With comprehensive segmentation in their marketing automation platform, we were able to set up remarketing campaigns for CM that specifically targeted high-conversion audiences:

→ People who subscribed to the CM newsletter

→ Visitors who accessed the simulation page in the past 3 days

→ Visitors who dropped off before reaching the proposal form

→ CM members without additional insurance coverage

→ People who were not engaged in any nurture flow in the past 6 months

We also optimized the email communication in the nurture flow, guiding prospects step by step through the sales funnel and providing them with the necessary information they were seeking. It was important to effectively communicate the pain points and benefits to the prospects, ensuring they had clear and transparent information. This had a positive impact on their purchasing decision!

Marketing Automation

By continuously optimizing their marketing automation platform, we created the opportunity to engage meaningfully with users and nurture our leads. This allowed us to make informed data-driven decisions and maximize our click-through rates.