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Eneco is an energy supplier based in Mechelen with 250 employees. Eneco’s core business is generating and supplying sustainable energy in Belgium and The Netherlands, with as main source windmills and solar panels. They are leading the way with the goal of being climate neutral as early as 2035.

Successful marketing automation integration for Eneco

Eneco’s Digital Meter Readings Revolution

Eneco and BeBold have been working together successfully as of 2015 tackling different projects each year. One of the challenges we focused on was the significant extensive customer data and behavioral information they possess about their customers, but unable to leverage this. Since data-driven campaigning is crucial, we needed to provide a long-term approach to the leveraging of data in their marketing automation tool. Another vital challenge to highlight was the Belgian switch to Digital Meter Readings which motivated them to optimize and digitalize their manual process and the associated campaigns. 

The results

→ A healthy growth-curve of in-house knowledge through training and transparency

→ Due to optimal segmentation: communication can be adjusted according to acquisition, retention or loyalty

→ Better campaigns, increased employee efficiency and job satisfaction

BeBold’s Approach

BeBold’s expertise in automating processes and streamlining operations is exemplified through our work with Eneco, specifically in the automation of meter reading processing and registration. Leveraging the marketing automation tool Oracle Eloqua, we developed a flow that enhances efficiency and accuracy.

Picture this: You have two starting points to kick off the process. Firstly, from the DSE (Digital Sales Enablement) thankyou page within the Eneco app. And secondly, from the DMRE landing page.

Starting point 1

In this scenario, customers who have already submitted their personal information through their app can effortlessly initiate the flow from DSE (Digital Sales Enablement) thankyou-page. Once they confirm their registered data, they are seamlessly directed to the registration page, triggering the DMRE-flow. The previously registered parameters, including meter readings and other relevant details, are automatically populated on the landing page. Any missing information can be filled in, and the data is then instantly transferred to an Eneco Sales Agent. This automated process streamlines the communication and ensures that the entered data is promptly confirmed by the Sales Agent.

Starting point 2

In the second scenario, customers directly access the DMRE-registration page to provide the necessary information, such as meter readings and address details for both the new and old residents. Once completed, an Eneco Sales Agent reviews and confirms the details, initiating the flow where both parties receive an email confirmation. This entire process is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual intervention and enabling a smooth customer experience.

Next Steps

  1. Automated data cleaning
  2. Account based marketing
  3. Interactive email templates
  4. Always on campaigns