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Appmiral is 100% focused on helping event organizers and festival promoters become more successful by enhancing the visitor experience and increasing fan engagement. Additionally, Appmiral supports them in their digital transformation efforts. Through the creation of their festival app, event app, or brand app, events can boost fan engagement and generate revenue throughout the year.

Successful marketing strategy for Appmiral

Covid-19 was the turning point

Organizing large events and festivals during Covid-19 was not just a challenge, it was an immense struggle. Moreover, they operate in a niche market, targeting a demanding audience that was difficult to reach during this period. It was quite a daunting task.

As the year 2020 began, most of their clients and competitors worldwide chose to play it safe and drastically reduce their expenses and marketing efforts. But Appmiral? They weren’t easily discouraged. Determined to conquer the world of event apps, they embarked on a quest to find a marketing partner who shared their vision.

Together with BeBold, they embraced a bold and ambitious marketing approach that elevated their marketing objectives to new heights.

The results

→ The paid media mix achieved an impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 4.84, reflecting our effective approach.

→ Paid media played a crucial role in generating valuable leads: a direct contribution of 11% to the 2021 revenue.

→ Additionally, online sources accounted for 30% of the revenue.

→ Appmiral’s growth led to its inclusion in’s Ticketing portfolio, granting them access to more resources, a larger advertising budget, and a broader range of events and festivals worldwide.

The approach

At BeBold, we provide personalized strategic advice that challenges the status quo, enabling your company to fully leverage its marketing potential. We understand that a strong brand and marketing strategy are the secret weapons for the success of your brand. With a comprehensive approach and bold ideas, we develop a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy that perfectly aligns with your unique challenges and objectives.

Our team of marketing experts joined forces with them to increase their brand awareness and take their digital marketing to the next level.

→ Creating a digital marketing strategy focused on lead generation
→ Optimizing existing marketing tools and initiating new ones
→ Implementing an agile digital marketing strategy that capitalizes on global opportunities

Brand & Marketing Strategy

During an interactive workshop, BeBold fully immersed itself in their DNA and brand. We analyzed the target audience, deciphered what they truly desire in a brand, and simultaneously unraveled the trends and dynamics of the events industry. Armed with this valuable knowledge, we created detailed buyer personas and mapped out the entire customer journey. We critically examined the Appmiral website and their social media, allowing us to optimize and strengthen their online presence, resulting in an enhanced user experience. And last but not least: increased conversion power.

Search Engine Optimization

We gave their digital presence a boost by optimizing their website to rank higher in search engine result pages (SEO). Additionally, we implemented various CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and UX (User Experience) optimizations to enhance their digital impact. Using recordings and heatmapping software, we delve into the minds of your users and pinpoint the exact areas for optimization. This way, we increase engagement and conversions.

Social Media Advertising

In addition to our organic efforts on Appmiral’s social media, we also delved into advertising, enabling us to specifically target certain regions, resulting in significantly higher ROI.

Data Dashboarding

At BeBold, we understand the power of data-driven marketing. That’s why we created visually appealing dashboards that centralized the marketing data of them. Customized to perfectly fit their business needs, Appmiral now has a holistic view and deep insights into their sales and marketing efforts at a glance.

Online Marketing & Marketing Automation

Our full-funnel approach naturally starts at the beginning: collecting prospects who are interested in requesting a demo of their app and guiding them through the sales funnel. Therefore, we began with a video marketing campaign to boost awareness about this demo. Through our personalized strategic approach, we not only reached our target audience worldwide but also tailored our always-on communication according to the region and season. We targeted prospects in the consideration phase of the funnel and guided them towards conversion. The marketing qualification process was optimized, enabling prospects to convert at every stage. The result? Hot leads effortlessly flowed into Appmiral’s marketing automation platform, allowing the sales team to provide personalized follow-ups.

Our main driver for success has always been a diversified and well-researched Google Ads campaign base. From day one, we’ve been focused on finetuning our messaging and optimizing our ads towards the most important conversions. Using a centralized data approach, we were able to effectively tweak all our global and local campaigns, always keeping track of seasonality, trends, and other marketing-relevant factors. (Let’s not give everything away, shall we?)

The marketing qualification process was optimized, enabling prospects to convert at every stage. The result? Hot leads effortlessly flowed into Appmiral’s marketing automation platform, HubSpot, allowing the sales team to provide personalized follow-ups.

Reporting & optimization

Constantly analyzing, optimizing, and adjusting were the secret ingredients of our success story. In our monthly reporting meetings, we zoomed in on the campaigns, down to the smallest detail, to closely monitor the audience response. Thanks to our reliable dashboards, we had transparent insights at all times and from anywhere, allowing us to strengthen the synergy between marketing and sales.

Next Steps

  1. Keep grinding on that ROAS to ensure even more ROI
  2. Expanding our Google Ads campaigns to lesser-performing regions
  3. Complimenting our BOFU approach with TOFU campaigns to keep the leads flowing