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Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, also known as VUB, is a leading player in Belgian Higher Education and is making its mark in Brussels, Belgium and across the world. This dynamic university is driven by its commitment to deliver high-quality education and conduct wide-ranging research. Welcoming approximately 20,000 students, and collaborating with its affiliated university hospital, VUB fosters a diverse and collaborative community that thrives on knowledge, innovation, and societal impact.

Successful university marketing automation for Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Transforming Student Acquisition and Efficiency

BeBold partnered with VUB to address key challenges in student acquisition and workload optimization. Taking a bold approach, we implemented a customer-centric omnichannel approach that was fully focused on customer needs. In addition, we integrated a robust preference center, and created a compelling recruitment campaign for new students.

Our collaboration resulted in improved recruitment results, increased efficiency and higher engagement, strengthening the VUB’s position as a leading institution in higher education.

The results

→ A marketing flow specifically for new prospective students.

→ Higher engagement rates that resulted in higher enrollment rates.

→ Increased engagement from Alumni students.

→ A lead scoring model to feed their CRM and vice-versa.

→ Easier workflows by building university event modules in their marketing automation tool.

The approach

Phase 1: Empowering Student Enrollment with BeBold

In the startup phase, VUB recognized the need to enhance their marketing campaigns and automate processes to attract new students. BeBold, equipped with expertise in marketing automation, guided VUB through a seamless transition to a new platform. With a meticulous assessment of requirements and seamless integration with back-end and front-end systems, BeBold ensured a successful implementation.

Comprehensive user training empowered the VUB marketing team to become experts in utilizing the new platform. Collaborating with a content partner hired by VUB, BeBold orchestrated a holistic marketing flow targeting both national and international students. This inclusive approach bridged language barriers, connecting offline experiences with online communication. Personalized campaigns led to higher engagement and, ultimately, increased enrollment rates.

Wider Rollout: Optimizing Results and Expanding Reach

Building on the success of the initial recruitment campaign, BeBold continued to refine and optimize efforts based on new insights and learnings. Remarketing strategies were fine-tuned, and other departments, such as MarCom and Alumni, embraced the power of the new platform.

With the implementation of the GDPR ruling, VUB and BeBold revisited workshop discussions from the previous year to ensure compliance and data privacy. A key focus was the development of a comprehensive preference center, accommodating the diverse communication preferences of individuals. Additional support and training were provided to accommodate the growing number of platform users across various departments.

Together, BeBold and VUB embarked on a transformative journey, leveraging advanced marketing automation to enhance student acquisition, streamline processes, and adapt to evolving regulations.