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Master Marketing Reporting with Vone  At BeBold, we believe marketing automation is an art and a science. In this interview, we sit down with our Marketing Automation Specialist and Technical Lead, Vone. He unpacks the complexities of marketing reporting and shares his perspectives on best practices, challenges, and the future of this evolving field. So, let's dive in! Articles|3 min Empowering Teams with Marketing Training  Vone here, your go-to marketing automation guru at BeBold. Today, I want to talk about something that's at the core of what I do and what makes the engine of our team roar: constant learning.  Articles|3 min Interview with Alex: Project manager pur sang, from Mazda CX-60 to the diapers at daycare.   My name is Alex, from Wilrijk, Antwerp. I am 27 years old, living happily with my boyfriend, and expecting my first child. I really like working at BeBold because it gives me the freedom to fulfill my own role as a project manager. By that, I get all the trust to help my clients the way I think it should be. In addition, I really enjoy the atmosphere between colleagues, and I’m lucky enough to work with some amazing clients.  Articles|5 min 5 Major Customer Experience Fails You Must Avoid  In today's business, customer experience reigns supreme, there's little room for mishaps. Businesses thrive when they prioritize their customers' needs, but let's face it, we've all seen (or even experienced) some epic fails in customer care. Here, Eric is diving into the top five blunders and how you can steer your ship towards better client management. Articles|3 min The digital marketing enigma, or how BeBold solved the Case of the Conversion Killers  Uncover the secrets of digital marketing strategy with BeBold. From detective work to strategic solutions, join us on a journey to online success. Articles|10 min Winning the Heart of Customer Satisfaction: Build Lasting Bonds  Discover the keys to proactive collaboration, managing client expectations, and harnassing the power of CRM systems. Show your customers love that last! Articles|3 min The Art of Metric Measurement in Performance Marketing  Arno here, diving into the realm of metrics and performance measurement—a playground where strategy meets productivity. Let’s roll up our sleeves and dissect the art of measuring metrics efficiently. Articles|3 min ChatGPT and Copywriting: Balance Between Originality and Optimization Discover how the advent of AI in copywriting is a nuanced dance between benefits and risks. Navigate the maze of SEO challenges and learn how to prevent your content from drowning in uniformity. Dive into the opportunities and challenges of creating with AI in an increasingly digital world. Read on to unravel the complexities of this dynamic landscape. Explore creative balance in "ChatGPT and Copywriting: Balancing Originality and Optimization. Articles|3 min Behind the scenes: The role of our Marketing Automation Specialist  With 2024 just beginning, we are at the beginning of a new chapter in the evolution of marketing automation. Join Vone, a passionate Marketing Automation Specialist at BeBold, for a jump into this new phase. Discover how this year promises to push the boundaries, unlock new possibilities and pave the way for groundbreaking innovations within this exciting field. Articles|5 min
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