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FirstWave emerges as a prominent player in the realm of Clinical Research Services, catering to the dynamic needs of the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Biotech, and Vaccine industries. With a comprehensive array of offerings, including CRAs, Project Managers, and Regulatory and Medical Affairs Consultants, Firstwave assumes the role of the vanguard of expertise that companies rely on to navigate the intricate path of successfully launching their products to market.

Successful digital marketing for FirstWave

Amplifying FirstWave’s social media presence

Since 2021, FirstWave and BeBold have joined forces to tackle a series of challenges head-on. FirstWave sought our expertise in training employees while respecting their personal social media activities. We stepped up to the plate by developing tailored social media templates that flawlessly capture their unique vision and style.

Furthermore, we set our sights on expanding FirstWave’s organic reach on LinkedIn and Facebook, ensuring their messages resonate with a broader audience. Our collaboration has also extended to reaching potential job candidates beyond their existing network, tapping into new talent pools organically.

The results

→ Because of social media training, awareness increased the utilization improved of social media for employer branding, recruitment and employee.

→ Easy and adaptable templates that make content creation an efficient job.

→ Reaching more potential job candidates by using LinkedIn job posts.

→ A new and improved website that highlights FirstWave’s unique selling points and story in a much clearer way.

→ Google Ads campaigns to capture relevant traffic and increase the means by which possible candidates can find FirstWave.

The approach

To achieve FirstWave’s digital marketing goals, we helped them with the following:

Social media training

BeBold took charge of providing comprehensive social media training for their management and employees, emphasizing the significance of social media for business, employer branding, and recruitment. The interactive sessions delivered immediate and practical tips and tricks.

Additionally, we conducted a training session specifically designed for FirstWave’s consultants, which was recorded and integrated into their onboarding process. The objective was to raise awareness about effective and secure use of social media as an employee, while offering consultants best practices for maximizing LinkedIn’s potential.

LinkedIn & Facebook marketing

Following the training, we leveraged the acquired knowledge by optimizing FirstWave’s LinkedIn business page, establishing a Facebook presence, and maintaining consistent engagement on both platforms. Given the vast pool of potential job candidates in FirstWave’s LinkedIn network, we capitalized on this medium to enhance online recruitment and employer branding.

Our strategy included regular posts about job vacancies, team events, charity initiatives, and training opportunities to engage and attract prospective candidates and foster employee engagement.

To ensure brand consistency, we created a social media style guide that aligned with FirstWave’s colors, fonts, and Calatrava-inspired architectural aesthetics. This guide encompassed a banner, profile picture frame, and easily adaptable social media templates for job vacancies and regular posts, streamlining content creation.

LinkedIn job posts

To expand reach beyond FirstWave’s network, we recommended utilizing LinkedIn job posts, allowing job seekers to discover opportunities throughout the LinkedIn network. These job posts are also recommended to potential candidates through mobile push notifications and the ‘Recommended jobs’ feature.

However, it’s important to note that LinkedIn job posts lack targeting options, resulting in international visibility and applications. Therefore, we advised caution when allocating resources towards job posts and instead suggested utilizing them as a supplementary tool to increase exposure and attract a broader pool of candidates.

New website development

As is the case with many organizations, websites are often difficult to update and maintain, especially when they are custom coded and “less-than-user-friendly”.

Realizing the importance of this channel, however, FirstWave and BeBold set out to improve this crucial channel. We started by retelling the FirstWave story as it is today and will be in the future. We dissected the old website and surgically removed and reattached the essential pieces into a much more elegant and to-the-point vehicle of communication. An existing tale, retold in a new CMS, with respect for the branding and tone‑of‑voice of the brand. The new website will allow us to direct traffic more effectively, with the bonus of it being more user‑friendly for the team to maintain.

Google Ads campaigns to direct traffic

“Build it and they will come” – Field of Dreams (1989).
Well, Kevin Costner may be many things, but as far as we know he’s not a qualified marketeer. Instead of relying on good faith, we put our trust in decent search engine advertising. And it paid off, increasing our traffic and supplementing LinkedIn as a driver for our audience.

Next Steps

  1. Keep working on delivering the best possible social media messages to a niche audience
  2. Adjust and improve the Google ads in order to deliver the right type of visitors
  3. Update, maintain, and expand FirstWave’s new website