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The digital marketing enigma, or how BeBold solved the Case of the Conversion Killers  Uncover the secrets of digital marketing strategy with BeBold. From detective work to strategic solutions, join us on a journey to online success. Articles|10 min The Art of Metric Measurement in Performance Marketing  Arno here, diving into the realm of metrics and performance measurement—a playground where strategy meets productivity. Let’s roll up our sleeves and dissect the art of measuring metrics efficiently. Articles|3 min ChatGPT and Copywriting: Balance Between Originality and Optimization Discover how the advent of AI in copywriting is a nuanced dance between benefits and risks. Navigate the maze of SEO challenges and learn how to prevent your content from drowning in uniformity. Dive into the opportunities and challenges of creating with AI in an increasingly digital world. Read on to unravel the complexities of this dynamic landscape. Explore creative balance in "ChatGPT and Copywriting: Balancing Originality and Optimization. Articles|3 min EasyPost EasyPost is the partner for processing and sending all business mail, business communications, and document flows. Physically and digitally, depending on the needs of your recipients. Their goal is for companies to save time and money thanks to “the easy way”. Because of their years of experience and state-of-the-art machinery, they are experts in optimizing outgoing mail. More than 95% of their customers confirm that EasyPost makes their daily way of working simpler, more efficient, and cheaper. Cases|8 min The Future of AI Marketing: Trends and Predictions  Today, we are diving into the world of AI with one of our very own, Wouter, our Technical Marketing Automation Specialist. In this blogpost he unravels the latest trends shaping the digital landscape and gives you a sneak peek into the AI marketing features on the horizon. Articles|7 min Don't Let Google Haunt Your Online Presence and Brand Identity  It's the season of ghosts, and things that go haunt in the night. But what's even scarier than a haunted house, vampire or a spooky ghost story? Imagine your brand identity, carefully crafted over the years, being haunted by unrelated content that pops up when people search for your business on Google. It's a real nightmare for the online presence of any business owner, and that's where BeBold steps in to be your SEO superhero.  Articles|5 min Wisdom in the Wild: How Animal Insights Improve Your Marketing  In the ever-changing world of marketing, finding new angles can be like discovering hidden gems. Sometimes the gems are up for grabs in, say, your garden or an old nature documentary. Our Content Strategist and Digital Marketing Team Lead Eric briefly takes you into animal kingdom to discover some wild insights that can give your marketing strategy a unique edge. Articles|4 min Insights of a Digital Marketer Louise, you know, that DIY enthusiast, bookworm and food lover on the BeBold-team? She’s our passionate Digital Marketer. What does that mean and what are her day-to-day activities? We simply asked her! Articles|6 min BeBold x WePlog: Sustainable Missions With Bold Impact Dive into our collaboration with WePlog, a platform that supports and promotes litter collection during physical activities. Learn how BeBold's expertise in digital marketing is helping WePlog amplify their cause and create a greener future. Read more now! Articles|6 min
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